Northland provides services to customers that operate in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Set out below is a brief description of the Company’s primary service and product offerings.

C&D Waste Management Facility

Northland operates an Alberta Environment approved Class III Drywaste Reclamation Faclity that services the residential and industrial construction industry. This facility provides customers an affordable alternative for all their inert waste handling needs including diversion options, Leeds Certified Programs, accurate weight information and additional business opportunities with reusable products


A vital component of the waste management industry is recycling and diversion. Due to the increasing environmental awareness and declining capacities, waste reduction and reuse is vital. Since its inception, NRI has been able to identify alternative uses for materials such as wood, concrete, asphalt shingles and drywall. The wood diversion program diverts wood waste for transportation off-site and future use by third parties. The Drywall diversion program diverts drywall which is trucked off site and transformed into a product that can be supplied to local farmers in order to help them grow their crops in a more environmentally sustainable way. Asphalt Shingles are diverted and used in the process of creating asphalt road material. The concrete diversion program diverts concrete which is then crushed and used or sold for use in the road construction industry. During the calendar year 2010, Northland recycled and diverted over 45,000 tons of material.